CSS Infinite Rotate Class

Since this site originally started as basically my personal development paste bin, I’m going to try to remember to periodically keep updating it with random snippets that I tend to reuse. This is a simple CSS Infinite Rotate Class keyframe snippet so you can make an element on the page rotate by 360 degrees infinitely with the use of a… Read more »

How to Mass Invite People to Like a Facebook Page

How To Mass Invite Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to mass invite people to like a Facebook page so you don’t have to click the invite button next to EVERY friend. This is a fairly quick and simple tutorial that requires either some basic knowledge of how to use your browser’s dev tools, or some patience and focus. I’ve… Read more »

How to Verify Information From the Internet

Real or Fake?

Since information on the internet seems to get harder and harder to verify, I wanted to give you some of the tools and resources I use.   Read an overview about how to verify information on the internet:Before you look for information, read a brief overview from a reputable University (usually on their library’s webpage)… Read more »

Secure HTTPS Setup With nginx and Let’s Encrypt (Part 3) – Auto Renew Script

In this tutorial (which is an extension of part 2 and part 1 of a tutorial series for setting up letsencrypt on nginx) we’ll show you how to setup a BASH script that will automate the renewal of your certificates. This should enable you to sit back and have your Lets Encrypt SSL certificates automatically renew with a cron… Read more »

How to Hide Political Posts from Facebook

Have you ever wanted to hide all the political posts from your Facebook feed without having to unfriend anyone or put your friends into groups? This post will show you how to hide political posts from Facebook while also giving you the option to temporarily toggle them on one post at a time. I wrote this script… Read more »