About Robido

Robido is a web & software development collective for developers, systems admins, designers, and entrepreneurs to contribute articles, collaborate, and receive rapid on-demand support from a network of your professional peers from around the world. Robido is a both a company and community that’s created by developers – for developers. We want to inspire people to write custom solutions and make their websites and applications awesome.

The Robido web development collective has a strong commitment to community and believes that code and support for most web and software related tasks should be as open source and free to the community as possible. If you’re willing to research how to do something, we hope to be part of the many websites out there that offer specific information on what you’re trying to accomplish, and provide a comprehensive method of completing the task at hand.

About the Founder

Jeff Hays - aka jphase

Jeff Hays (aka jphase)

Robido was founded by Jeff Hays (aka jphase) and initially started as a web development blog that was primarily used to store code snippets, system admin configs, and general instructions that could be used to quickly reproduce tasks that developers repeat in most projects.

Jeff currently works full-time for a media company developing several high traffic sites for various brands, works full-time after work for clients of Robido, and volunteers on several committees to benefit the community through web development. He contributes to several widely used open source projects and tries to create custom plugins, SDKs, code snippets, and tutorials whenever a previous solution to any particular task either doesn’t exist or isn’t well documented. Projects involving automation, custom reporting, dynamic charts and data visualizations are what Jeff enjoys coding the most.

You can typically find Jeff between 9am-6pm EST on IRC (freenode) under his usual handle “jphase” in the #robido, #wordpress, #jquery, #node.js, #ruby and various other channels related to programming and server administration. Feel free to checkout our chat page if you want a quick chat without having to install and configure an IRC client.

Robido is always looking for more members, bloggers, developers, and most people that want to join us in making the web a better place. We are also constantly looking for topics to write content for (specifically when there isn’t many tutorials or guides on the internet about the topic); so please feel free to let us know if you have an idea or would like us to write a tutorial specifically for your needs!

Getting Support

Do you want to chat with members of our team live? We hang out on IRC in #robido on freenode. If you aren’t a frequent IRC user, click here and chat with us without having to download an IRC client. If your issue is complex enough, we have time, and we speak the same language, we may just invite you to get support through our mumble server as well so we can talk out the issue and see what’s going on through a screen share. We’re all about trying to help make the web a better place for free most often!

Contact us, stay in touch, post comments, join our team… it’s all good 🙂