Author: Jeff Hays

How to install and setup a Mumble server on CentOS 7

In this tutorial I’m going to walk through how to install and setup a Mumble server on CentOS 7. I was initially going to use a MySQL server instead of using their default SQLite but it seems it’s better to just use what they give you. Let’s start by going to and downloading the latest… Read more »

WordPress function to show all filters attached to a hook

This is just a quick little code snippet for a function that will WordPress function to show all filters attached to a hook. All this will do is print out all the functions attached to the hook. This means that anything added with something like add_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘some_function’ ); would be able to be printed out… Read more »

Add batcache to your WordPress site (nginx + APC + php-fpm + batcache)

This is a continuation of my other blog post(s) – Install nginx, php-fpm, APC, MariaDB, and phpMyAdmin on CentOS 6 and How to install a web server on CentOS 7 using nginx, php-fpm, MariaDB, and firewalld. This is just a simple post about installing Batcache (the best caching plugin for WordPress IMHO) and fixing it to output the… Read more »

Generate secure URL token in PHP with a simple class

I often have to look back at previous projects that I’ve done to generate a quick token that is URL friendly so I can issue out email links with some encrypted data in them. There are plenty of crypto nerds out there that will get super crazy with their techniques and I totally support them…. Read more »

Incredibly simple WordPress session handler

Here’s a super simple session handler for WordPress. This only initializes the session (starts and stops as needed). You’ll want to add things to the $_SESSION array to your liking. Add this to functions.php:

As you can see, this has ZERO bells or whistles and is intended for the programmer to use sessions as they… Read more »

Resize images with PHP on file upload using ImageMagick to dynamically generate thumbnails and different image sizes

This is an example of a function I wrote for a client to handle image uploads and dynamically resize the original image to 500×500 and generate different image sizes (thumbnails, etc.) with PHP using ImageMagick. If you don’t have have ImageMagick installed, or are unsure if you do, you’ll want to install it first. If… Read more »