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Secure HTTPS Setup With nginx and Let’s Encrypt (Part 3) – Auto Renew Script

In this tutorial (which is an extension of part 2 and part 1 of a tutorial series for setting up letsencrypt on nginx) we’ll show you how to setup a BASH script that will automate the renewal of your certificates. This should enable you to sit back and have your Lets Encrypt SSL certificates automatically renew with a cron… Read more »

Secure HTTPS Setup With nginx and Let’s Encrypt (Part 1)

This is a tutorial for creating a secure HTTPS setup with nginx and Let’s Encrypt. So, with the introduction of Let’s Encrypt it has become possible to add a trusted SSL certificate for all of your sites for free, which is a fantastic development.  Not only can the encryption a certificate provides keep your e-commerce clients’ transaction… Read more »

nginx WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration example

This is a simple tutorial for how to setup a WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration within nginx. This setup will require a plugin provided by rtCamp called nginx-helper that will provide a map of blog ids that you can include in the configuration example below.  Again, this is an nginx WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration example, so this may need… Read more »

Add batcache to your WordPress site (nginx + APC + php-fpm + batcache)

This is a continuation of my other blog post(s) – Install nginx, php-fpm, APC, MariaDB, and phpMyAdmin on CentOS 6 and How to install a web server on CentOS 7 using nginx, php-fpm, MariaDB, and firewalld. This is just a simple post about installing Batcache (the best caching plugin for WordPress IMHO) and fixing it to output the… Read more »