Secure HTTPS Setup With nginx and Let’s Encrypt (Part 1)

This is a tutorial for creating a secure HTTPS setup with nginx and Let’s Encrypt. So, with the introduction of Let’s Encrypt it has become possible to add a trusted SSL certificate for all of your sites for free, which is a fantastic development.  Not only can the encryption a certificate provides keep your e-commerce clients’ transaction… Read more »

A Google Webmaster Tools API PHP Example – Using Search Analytics API to download search analytics data as CSV with the new OAuth 2.0 method

This is a Webmaster Tools API PHP Example to download your search analytics data as CSV with the new OAuth 2.0 method. As you probably have learned, Google announced that they will be discontinuing their old CSV download scripts for information on queries & rankings and replacing it with their new Search Analytics API. Since there’s a… Read more »

Pure CSS select dropdown style – override the default select dropdown styles with CSS

Custom CSS Dropdown Style

I was recently tasked with coding a template that was made by a designer that doesn’t quite understand the headache involved in using custom styles on a select element. After explaining to my client what components I had control over styling, they decided to move forward with changing their select elements to use a custom style. Let’s dive… Read more »

nginx WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration example

This is a simple tutorial for how to setup a WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration within nginx. This setup will require a plugin provided by rtCamp called nginx-helper that will provide a map of blog ids that you can include in the configuration example below.  Again, this is an nginx WordPress Multisite subdomain configuration example, so this may need… Read more »

How to properly escape and decode HTML entities in WordPress get_the_title(), get_the_content(), and get_the_excerpt() functions to deliver to social networks

If you’ve ever tried to create your own sharing buttons to allow your users to easily share one of your posts to their social media accounts, you may have run into issues delivering dynamic content from get_the_title(), get_the_content(), get_the_excerpt(), etc. In this post I’ll explain how I escape and decode HTML entities in WordPress in order to prepare a… Read more »

Moving From Bootstrap to Foundation

Hi everyone, I have always been a proponent for building things from scratch. From the UI to the responsive nature of websites. But with new tools developed a daily basis to make building from scratch just that much easier. About a year ago, I decided to start incorporating bootstrap into client projects. At first, as with… Read more »