WordPress Modification History Plugin

WP Modification History Screenshot


The WordPress Modification History Plugin allows users to track modifications to posts and post meta for specified post types with a visual diff comparison. The post types and values that are tracked can be controlled through the settings panel to avoid clutter from displaying modifications you are not interested in seeing.

Please note that this plugin is in beta and will probably have some bugs here and there. Please file a bug report or post a comment below if you run into any issues rather than vote 1 star. I’m quick to fix and just need help to QA and test 🙂


  • PHP 5.3+

Install WordPress Modification History

Go to Plugins > Add New page from your admin panel and search for “WP Modification History” or more simply “Modification” to find the plugin. Install it as you would any other plugin.


Download the zip file, create the directory /wp-content/plugins/wp-mod-history, and place the unzipped contents of the downloaded zip file in that directory. Go to your plugins admin page and activate the WordPress Modification History plugin in the list of plugins.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can access change the settings of the plugin from Settings > Modification History in the WordPress admin.

Possible features for future releases

  • Additional settings and display options (AJAX pagination, limit of results per page/metabox, etc.)
  • Comments and remarks on a particular revision
  • Email notifications when specific changesets are made
  • Statistics on modifications made

Help me make this plugin better for you!

Get started with the WordPress Modification History Plugin today, and please feel free to leave any suggestions for new features, bug reports, issues with installing, or any thoughts on the plugin in the comments below so I can make this plugin work better for you! I’ll happily add whatever filters or functionality you need to customize it. I’m also available on IRC (freenode) in the #robido, #wordpress, and #wordpress-social channels. If you don’t use IRC regularly, feel free to check out the Chat with Robido page to chat with me from M-F from 9am-6pm EST.